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Privacy Policy

NICHOL ARTS [] is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), which sets out principles concerning the privacy of individuals.

Your personal information

All aspects of this website can be viewed without providing any personal information. We do not monitor visitor behavior via analytic widgets.
Analytics do not function correctly for us, due to ISPs not identifying specific locations in the Regions outside major cities.

No Third Party Cookies

Nichol Arts no longer utilises customer support features. We have no need to  engage others to provide services on our behalf, such as purchase transactions and shipping processes, where customers are required to submit personal information. Consequently, no personal details are shared.


We do however, use cookies essential to the smooth transition of our pages and to enhance security for us all. This list is provided here for your information.

Contacting us

NICHOL ARTS welcomes your comments regarding this Policy.

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