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Reverse Glass Gilding

Gold leaf and other decorative processes, recorded during a Better Letters Workshop held in Brisbane 2018.


Paper Restoration

Restoring a 1990 drawing - conte chalk on newsprint (butcher’s paper) - soaked for several days in a peroxide solution bath to rid it of an aged brown cast, mounted and reframed under UV acrylic.

Enamel on Panel

Reproduced book cover with Roman lettering. Enamel on 3mm hardboard, then secured for hanging in a modified found frame.

Gold Leaf Memento
Framing a Glass Panel

A simple found frame is given a gilded insert to pack out the edges around an odd sized piece of glass and to add a custom finish.

Book Repair

When favourite books fall apart because heavy gloss pages don't hold together under  inadequate glueing of page edges to spine.

Gold leaf initials with date and floral  leaf sprig, May 2021.

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Transferring sketch to ute door for painting in enamel 2022

'Last Minute Study'
The Fly Guy Five

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